Amber Gilewski, Professor of Psychology
Amber Gilewski, Professor of Psychology
AMBER GILEWSKI Associate Professor
Tompkins Cortland Community College - The college's main website.
American Psychological Association - The world's largest professional and scientific association of psychologists. The APA is dedicated to promoting health, education, and human welfare.
Me, Albert Ellis, and my friend Heather at the APA Convention, Boston, MA in August 1999. RIP Dr. Ellis.
Me with Philip Zimbardo (my hero!) at the APA Convention in San Francisco, August 2007.
Farm Sanctuary - An organization started in 1986 that is dedicated to the protection and rights of farmed animals. Their mission focuses on rescue, education, and advocacy and is the nation's leading farm animal protection agency.
Me and my adopted pig Aurora at Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, NY in June 2004. RIP Aurora.
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