Amber Gilewski, Professor of Psychology
Amber Gilewski, Professor of Psychology
AMBER GILEWSKI Associate Professor
Every year, the American Psychological Association has a large, comprehensive
convention in a large city in North America. If you are a psychology major or have a strong interest in the subject, I highly recommend that you attend the convention if you get the chance to.
The APA Convention is a great place to learn more about current research going on in various divisions of the field. It provides excellent opportunities to network with psychologists. You may even get to meet some of the prominent
psychologists you read about in your textbooks! You can always find out more about upcoming conventions at
John Boyd, me, former student Whitney, and Phil Zimbardo at the APA Convention
in Boston, MA, August 2008
Former student Whitney, David Barlow, and me at the APA Convention
in Boston, MA in August 2008
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